"Organizing a Food Drive for Upstate Backpack Blessings is very easy.
It's going all weekend without food that's hard."

- Alice Prevatt, Upstate Backpack Blessings Founder


Organizing a Food Drive

Easy as 1-2-3

1) Publicize your Food Drive
2) Collect your donations
3) Deliver your donations

Food Drives for Upstate Backpack Blessings are very easy to organize. Simply click here to contact us and schedule your drive and click below for printed materials to help advertise your Food Drive. Thank you in advance for your help!

Here are some more details...

1) Publicize your Food Drive
Contact us to let us know when you want to do your food drive. Once you've picked your dates, it’s usually best to publicize at least 2 weeks in advance and set a Food Drive window that will allow 1-2 weeks for participants to bring in their donations. We have links below to materials that will help you publicize your drive, just add the details to include dates and a deadline, drop-off locations. We also provide a list of suggested food items. Be sure to remind your participants to check all items for expiration dates.

2) Collect your donations
Have a central location for drop-offs where food can be collected and stored until delivery.

3) Deliver your donations
Contact us to schedule your delivery to our Food Pantry (during staffed hours) located at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
1279 S. Frontage Road
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
(864) 862-2165

Promotional Materials

  • Click here for a Food Drive Flyer (you can add details at the bottom)
  • Click here for a Suggested Food Pantry Donations List (printable 2/page) in .pdf format
  • Click here for a Suggested Food Pantry Donations List (printable 2/page) in word doc format


Hosting a Food Drive?

Please be sure to send us the dates and your contact information so we can add it to our calendar. Also, send us photos of your collection and/or delivery along with a brief story. We would love to include it in our Blog and share the good news!

Food Items.jpg

Suggested Food Pantry Donations

Granola or cereal bars
Individual packages of oatmeal
Individual packages of grits
Individual cereal boxes
Cans or cups of fruit
Apple sauce
Pop top/easy open cans of ravioli, spaghetti, soups, stews, sausages, etc.
Individual packages of macaroni and cheese
Individual packages of pasta meals
Ramen noodle soup packages
Hamburger Helper microwave singles
Beef sticks
Cans/pouches of easy to make chicken salad
Microwave popcorn
Individual pudding cups
Individual containers of apple sauce
Crackers (Saltines, cheese filled, etc.)
Juice boxes or pouches
Capri Suns
Shelf stable/non-perishable drinks
Water bottles